Best bars to take your dog, Cardiff Edition

Cardiff has always been a really nice little city with a range of different vibes, its also one place we’d never think to take our dog due to the footfall, and for what we thought a lack of places that allowed dogs.

We’ve tasked ourselves with finding some great bars in and around the city centre to prove ourselves wrong…and here is what we found.

The lansdowne

The Lansdowne is such a nice venue that I managed to stumble upon one day taking Hollie for a walk. Its fully dog friendly and the owner is great with dogs and owners. We had a nice chat with Hayley who explained that some owners have nervous dogs and some reactive and she lets her customers know what the dog situation is, which I think is such a great thought.

The Lansdowne also has a great selection of food, vegetarian, home comforts and a kids menu, its really a great family experience right down to solo dining. There is also a selection of drinks spirits and juices available, you have to check out their instagram to see their delicious dishes!


The 21st of November is host to a doggie quiz, they raise money for ‘Friends Of Dogs’ , and there is a donation pot on the bar which welcomes generosity all year round!


The Pen and Wig

Tucked away in a beautiful little street, fairly close to the city centre and the Cardiff museum where your dog can stretch their legs. The Pen and Wig offers a really cozy setting at the front with plush chairs and carpet, to a large beer garden out the back, it really fits into every season. The sweetest thing is the dog water station, check out that barrel!


The Pen and Wig has a really nice family friendly vibe, and in the day can make for a nice peaceful coffee spot. The staff were really friendly with the dogs and came to offer Hollie some treats and attention.

There is a pup quiz on Thursday 22nd of November at 7pm proceeds are going towards City Hospice!


Mocka Lounge

Probably one venue you’d least expect, but these guys have gone all out when it comes to our pooches, everything from Mocka branded dog bowls to a hand crafted dogtail menu…they even stock the famous Pawsecco and Snuffle dog beer!


For those who haven’t been to Mocka lounge before or think its just for party goers, your totally wrong everyones welcome! Whilst its great in the summer to sit outside and bask in the Mill Lane sunshine, the winter isn’t as glamorous, don’t put your dogs into hiding take them inside with you. There are plenty of beds and blankets for your dog to snuggle into, what a great spot to meet some new furry pals!


To anyone that brings their dog with them before 7pm will receive 20% off their bill!


Right next door is Pitch which boasts a cosy and avant garde style setting with open doors to dogs, Hollie met one of their regulars Lilly!

They offer a great range of cocktails and fresh home cooked style food, you can tuck into a seasonal menu indoors on a cold day with your pooch and when the sun is shining head outside to catch some rays. Its really great that both bars are neighbours, you have your own mini doggie bar crawl!



Such an interesting space for both reminiscing adults and playful youth, the place is adorned with many retro games and plenty of space to stretch those paws!


Hollie couldn’t resist but to check out some of the games and have a little wander around. She even got VIP treatment at the bar with some yummy treats!



One of the best dog friendly chains, but unlike the unfriendly Whetherspoons they are crazy over dogs, its in the name after all!  There are many Brewdog venues across the UK which all open their doors to well behaved pooches. The cardiff venue offers a really comfy space for your dog and can be quite a chilled setting with many games and plenty of space between tables. Brewdog also has amazing food and a great selection of ales!


The best thing about it is.. they host dog birthday parties!!

 and you can book yours through this link




Head Of Steam

We were very lucky to attend the launch party for this lovely new bar! What used to be the old Harvester has now transformed into a Head of Steam. We had a warm welcome into the bar and Hollie sniffed around and gave it the paw of approval.

The bar caters for all, family, sporting events, dinner with friends…even dinner with your dog!

Prices are very fair for food and drinks, and there is a long list of ales for you to choose from , as a tip keep checking their page for offers.

Its the perfect place to socialise a dog as there is enough happening around for them to get used to a busier environment, but also enough space that you have enough privacy.



We look forward to bringing you a part 2, if you are a Cardiff business and want to be featured please contact us.

If you have a dog that would like to stretch its legs and come along with us please get in touch we’d love to meet you !

As always, if you visit any of these venues share your thoughts and images with us!





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